And in your heart, you know what you've got to do...

they all depend on you

how far can we stretch the picture, before pixelating the human texture?

Hello and welcome to Alis Grave Nil, my humble dedication to the noble SOLDIER:Class 1st, Angeal Hewley. Angeal is my favorite, second only to Zack. Angeal may come off at first as a nagging lecturer, endlessly harping on about the importance of pride and dreams. Like all people, however, he is fallible -- he has his convictions put to the test, but comes out triumphant in the end. I hope after exploring a little bit, that you'll some to appreciate and love Angeal as much as I do. Alis Grave Nil has had the pleasure of visits.

Navigation is the tag at the top. This site undoubtedly will spoil Crisis Core for you if you haven't played yet, so if you haven't played or haven't finished playing, you may want to visit at a later time.


All updates will be posted on the updates blog, Map of What is Effortless, from now on.

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