There is no escape from the slave catcher's songs

for all of the loved ones gone, forever's not so long...

go, my voice! resound, resonate crossing over time into eternity

What is the meaning of honor? At some point, the bonds of friendship must trump duty. The Stream of Life by Arthur Clough happens to be a long time favorite, so to learn more about Angeal, navigate the key words.By hovering over the underlined keywords, you'll get a mouseover description of what information will be given for that particular page.

→ Just in case you missed the warning coming in, this section will be filled with unmarked spoilers.


Parent and friend thy lapse attend, companions young and old.

Strong purposes our minds possess, Our hearts affections fill.

O end to which our currents tend, inevitable sea!

To which we flow, what do we know? What shall we guess of thee?

Scarce we divine a sun will shine and be above us still.

even if we die, the fact that we were here will never be forgotten

Here is a small amount of Angeal related media. The gallery images were taken from GiantBomb.


Gallery ; oh the things you'll see

Audio ; and the things you'll hear.

Avatars ; to represent yor onlne presence

Fanfiction ; Heaven's not enough, think you've found it and it loses you.

Fanart ; Heaven's not enough, when you get there just another blue.