and a thick hell of hatred and hopes and fears

Eiyuu.ORG was purchased June 9th, 2009 from Name Cheap. Eiyuu means hero in Japanese. I purchased it feeling that eiyuu was more appropriate to house my Crisis Core fansites than yuusha, which also means hero. Maybe more like 'brave person'. Nuance.

host and registrar is hosted on my reseller account over at soul-saviorORG. As I have plenty of space, hosting is just a completed application away

This is the first layout and features characters from the manga Madara. Personally, I only one the first issue of the manga. But I love the mangaka, Tajima Shou, and own almost all of his artbooks.


The scans came from Digik Gallery. Textures from the now hiatus-ed Rain Harbor. Fonts used are Trebuchet MS, Arial, Georgia, and You Are Loved- all of which you can probably download at DaFont. Coding done on Notepad++. Oh and the navigational icons used came from Dynamic Drive. The snippets of poem used for the headers are from Percy Bysshe Shelley's Prometheus Unbound. Epic.


Are all very much welcome. I do, however, request that sibling sites and affiliates have similar content (ie: gaming shrines).