Welcome! You've made it to my shrine dedicated to Harle ze Harlequin from the excellent game, Chrono Cross. This shrine has moved around and switched owners and has been through various face lifts, but hey, it's been worth it. Afterall, only a very few Chrono Cross sites are still around on the internet anymore. It's been almost a year since ènigme has been online, but don't waste any more time! Quit reading this stupid intro and get on to the good parts of the site!


WARNING: This site is loaded with spoilers!

recent updates

6/20/09: Hey guys I'm Alicia and I'm the new owner of the site. As Alex has much going on in her life, and was closing, I asked her if I could take in her shrines and she agreed! So here we are. I can't even recall if I finished Chrono Cross, but if I can find some time -- and a psp .iso-- perhaps I'll play and revamp this shrine, since the last update was some time ago.

8/23/06: Completely revamped the shrine! There's a new layout (obviously) and I have rewritten a good portion of the content.