a melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

Gifts of the Goddess. Yes, visitor goodies. Please don't take anything without crediting. I realize things like avatars are hard to credit, but please provide a link back when possible. Most importantly do not take anything as your own and/or offer anything of mine on your site for download. Thieving is bad, m'kay? I'm not the best at this stuff, but I try. Where is Shamwow/Slapchop Vince when you need him?

Here is an adorable Zack I adopted from Mikari's Reno Pixels. He will serve as this page's mascot! You can also adopt him, or any other FFVII player from her site.

Audio, Image, & Video


  • Wallpapers pretty backgrounds for your desktop
  • Icons makes boring icons Zack-a-licious


  • Avatars 100x100, for all your forum & blogging needs
  • Layouts linkware layouts, just add your content
  • Adoptables little Zack's for your site
  • Games interactive fun for all ages

PlayStation Portable


  • Fanfiction Zack-- rescripted
  • Fanart works of art by loving hands
  • AMV fanmade videos, set Zack to music.
  • Doujinshi fan comics involving... guess who?