when the soul meets body

Like some Greek Tragdy. Adventure, romance, angst, friendship. Crisis Core has got it all. I've made the chapter summaries as concise as possible. But sometimes I go overboard. I've used spellcheck, but if you catch anymore spelling errors, please report them.

Ch 1: Possess a Dream Ch 2: He would never betray me
Ch 3: We are not monsters Ch 4: Angels have but one dream
Ch 5: Where'd everyone go? Ch 6: Never relinquish your pride...
Ch 7: Did Genesis really die? Ch 8: I may even leave Shinra
Ch 9: I understand, I'll come to see you Ch 10: We are heroes
Ch 11: Epilogue

Possess a Dream

Zack is given orders by Angeal to reclaim a train taken over by Wutai soldiers. Zack jumps from the helicopter on to the moving train below. He heads to the train's engine, fighting Wutai soldiers as he must, at the front of the train he separates the engine from the rest of the cars containing the soldiers. Mission accomplished. Zack continues on in Section 8, taking out more Wutai soldiers, disguised as Shinra soldiers, who attempt to coerce Zack into joining them. Then he must face Behemoth, which after defeating, Sephiroth attacks. Before Sephiroth can deliver the finishing blow, Angeal intervenes. The entire scenario was virtual reality, which Angeal terminates. Before leaving he tells Zack He must have a dream and pride, if he wishes to become a hero. .


He would never betray me

. In the SOLDIER lounge area of level 49 of the Shinra building, Zack is doing squats when Kunsel comes over to speak with him. Kunsel discusses the MIA 2nd and 3rd Class SOLDIERS, as well as a missing 1st Class. Angeal come sin abrutly and class Zack off to a new mission. They go report ot Lazard. Lazard tells them they are to go to Wutai to investigate missing Class 1st, Genesis. Angeal also informs Zack that he has nominated Zack for Class 1st, to which Zack responds by exeberantly hugging him.

After being debriefed, Zack is told to make preparations and he meets Kunsel outside of the room, and he explains how to get items, use save points, and access missions.

Back in the briefing, Lazard informs the group that he will be accompanying them. In Wutai, heading towards the Tamblin Fortress, Angeal asks Zack if he knows of the 'Stupid Apple'. He tells Zack of the Banora Apple and his childhood. Outside of the Fortress, Angeal details Zack on what is to be done, and holds his Buster Sword to his head. Zack asks why he never uses the sword and Angeal explains it would be a waste if the sword were to rust and become useless. They here a explosion and Zack does an impressive flip, storming the entrance of the fortress. In front of the dojo in the center court yard, Zack is accosted by young Yuffie. He pretends she beat him up, and she runs off satisfied she has stopped him. Inside the dojo Zack takes care of two monsters, when suddenly a third, tougher monster attacks. Zack seems to beats it and walks off, when the monster attacks again. Once again, Angeal steps in, this time protecting Zack with his own sword. Finishing to monster off, Zack asks why he used his sword and Angeal replies, 'Your life is more important to me...just a little'.

While returning to camp, they meet Lazard. Angeal tells Zack they will be meeting up with Sephiroth, to Zack's astonishment. Suddenly, unknown soldiers attack them and Ifrit is summoned. One again, Zack thinks he finished the job, but just as Ifrit arises and prepares to attack Zack, Sephiroth finishes him with one blow. Sephiroth removes the enemy soldiers mask-- his face looks just like Genesis'. Sephiroth explains the solider is a Genesis Clone and the Angeal has gone off with Genesis. Zack refuses to believe this, stating plainly 'I know Angeal, and he'd never do something like that! Angeal would never betray me!'.


We are not monsters

. Angeal has been missing for over a month. The missing SOLDIERs have sided with Genesis. Genesis Copies are attacking. Everyone but Zack thinks that Angeal has defected. In the SOLDIER lounge, Zack gets a call from unknown caller telling him to meet Lazard. In the briefing room, Lazard wants Zack to go to Genesis' hometown to investigate Genesis. Zack is to go with Tseng (Tseng was the one who called Zack). Zack and Tseng talk. The order had been given to Sephiroth, who refused to go. And the pair head to Banora via helicopter.

When the copter lands, Zack notes the strange trees. Tseng explains they are White Banora Trees, and Zack realizes he is in Genesis' and Angeal's hometown. In the village, Genesis Clones and spider-like robots attack. Zack follows Tseng to a house on a hill; Genesis' home. Under the Banora tree is a fresh grave. Tseng instructs Zack to go to Angeal's house. Inside, Zack speaks with Angeal's mother, who recognizes Zack as Zack the puppy that her son often spoke of. She also explains that Angeal was here and left his Buster Sword in the house, the symbol of pride for their family.

Outside, Zack faces more clones and gets a call from Tseng explaining that the gravesite was that of Genesis' parents and that he has found the warehouse where clones are being created. Zack is shocked but emphatic that he will bring Angeal back and that everyone has got it wrong about Angeal. Tseng notes that Sephiroth refused to go, as he did not want to fight his two best friends.

In the base, Tseng is trying to access information from a sole computer while Zack moves on to another room. In the room- Genesis. Tseng joins Zack and tells Genesis he knows that the grave site is that of Genesis' parents and that the other staff members sent to investigate have been killed. Zack adds that Genesis should have at least let his parents live. Genesis responds with hostility, Those two continually betrayed me, ever since I came to live in that house! What would you, Shinra's lapdogs know of it?". Genesis unleashes a flame attack on Tseng, knocking him and, but before he can begin battling Zack, Angeal points his sword at him. Both Angeal and Genesis leave. Tseng regains consciousness and tells Zack the village will be destroyed so they have to leave immediately. Zack goes to fetch Angeal's mother- but finds her dead with Angeal standing over her. Assuming that Angeal has killed his own mother, Zack asks him about his pride and punches him out of the house and onto the ground. Angeal leaves as Genesis summons Bahamut. After defeating Bahamut, Zack demands to know why a SOLDIER would use a summoned monster, Genesis unfurls his lone black wing explaining that SOLDIERs are monsters as well. Zack disagrees. Zack hurries on to the waiting copter, watching the village and Banora trees being consumed by flames.


Angels have but one dream

. In the SOLDIERs lounge, some time has passed and the war with Wutai has ended. Zack gets a call from Sephiroth telling him to come to the briefing room.

Lazard announces that Zack is now a SOLDIER: Class 1st, but given the circumstances, Zack isn't that excited. He also lets Zack know that Shinra plans to assassinate both Genesis and Angeal. Suddenly alarms go off- the Shinra building has been infiltrated by Genesis clones. Lazard commands Sephiroth to go to the President's office and Zack to head to the main entrance. Once Zack has made it down to the entrance and destroyed all the clones and robots, Sephiroth joins him. He explains that this is the work of Professor Hollander, who wants revenge on Shinra for having lost his position as head of the science division. Genesis' involvement with Hollander deeply disturbs Sephiroth, but Zack tells him not to think negatively. Zack notices a girl, seemingly being attacked by clones, when Tseng, Reno, and Rude appear. Rude tells Zack that Midgar is covered in clones and more importantly that Sector 8 is the Turk's turf. The two take off to handle the clones. Zack notices the girl has taken care of the clones and she introduces herself Cissnei. They both run off to fight. Zack finds a stronger different Genesis clone that Cissnei is having a hard time with. He takes care of it. Cissnei looks sad for the creature, saying that Wings are the sign of a monster, but of a being wishing to be free and that she wished for wings when she was a child. Cissnei carries on with her mission, and Zack gets a call from Sephiroth, telling Zack to meet him in the Sector 5 Mako Reactor. Apparently Angeal has been sighted and Sephiroth wants to get to his friend before Shinra finds and attempts to kill him. Sephiroth relates to Zack how he, Angeal, and Genesis would sneak off together and hang out. Then he has a flashback of a battle the three of them had on a VR Junon Canon.

In the Reactor, with a closed off room, Sephiroth comes across pods, one containing an Angeal Clone, confirming his suspicions that Angeal, Hollander, and Genesis are working together. He tells Zack to read the various research papers lying about, pertaining to Project G. Suddenly, Hollander comes into the room, surprised to see Sephiroth. Hollander asks Sephiroth who does he think will stop Angeal and Genesis' deterioration when suddenly Genesis flies into the room, in front of Hollander. He tells Sephiroth that he will not allow him to take Hollander and begins quoting from Loveless. Sephiroth faces Genesis and tells Zack to go after Hollander. Before Zack can get to Hollander however, a Buster Sword is thrust into his path.

Zack asks Angeal what he is doing. Angeal replies World conquests, then recants, declaring he wants revenge. Zack demands to know whom he wishes to take revenge. Angeal reveals his solitary white wing and tells Zack that monsters only thirst for revenge. Thoughtful, Zack replies that Wings are the evidence of an Angel. To which Angeal replies "An Angeal only wants one thing--to be human", and attacks Zack sending him flying backwards. Angeal demands that Zack fight him, but Zack smiles and refuses. Angeal casts a spell using materia which breaks the floor and sends Zack plunging to the slums below.


Where'd everyone go?

. Zack awakes in church in Sector 5 Slums. Standing over him is a girl, who introduces herself as Aeris. Surrounding Zack are flowers, which simply don't grow Midgar. After Aeris reminded him to not step on the flower, he suggests she sell them and make money. He also asks Aeris for one date as repayment for 'saving him'. Zack asks Aeris to help him out of the slums. In the shopping center, a kid steals his wallet, so he and Aeris work at catching the kid and getting him to return Zack's wallet. One a side note, Zack meets a carpenter who wants to build a bar but doesn't know what to name the place. Zack is the one who suggest the name 7th Heaven. Zack also buys Aeris' signature pink hair ribbon, even putting it on for her. Aeris agrees to go o a date with Zack, so the two of them go to the park. Here, Aeris mentions her fear of SOLDIER, a she knows there is something abnormal about them. Zack tells her that he IS a SOLDIER and Aeris apologizes, followed by an uncomfortable, awkward silence, which Aeris breaks by remarking on Zack's beautiful eyes. Zack playfully leans into her to give her a better look of his eyes. Mako eyes. The same color of the sky. Aeris remarks "If it's that kind of sky, then I won't be afraid". Suddenly Zack gets a call from Sephiroth: Genesis is attacking the Shinra building again. Aeris bids Zack goodbye and wishes him luck in saving his friend. Zack had been taking when he was unconscious in Aeris' church

Running down the highway towards the Shinra building, Angeal appears and asks Zack to lend him his strength. Our enemies are those who cause the Planet to suffer. Zack is wary of Angeal but agrees, and Angeal flies behind him, and wrapping and arm about a struggling Zack's waist, flies off to the Shinra building. Zack makes his way up to the floor Hojo is on; Hojo is rambling on about Jenova and Genesis' deterioration. Genesis swoops into the room, ready to kill Hojo, but Angeal stops him. Genesis quotes from Loveless as usual and Hojo remarks that though it is epic, it is also an unfinished work and therefore totally useless. Genesis takes off, to cast a summons. Angeal takes off with Zack again and leave him to face Neo-Bahamut alone while goes after Genesis. When the battle is over, Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal are gone.


Never relinquish your pride as a SOLDIER

. Zack receives a call from Aeris, so he goes to the slums to see her. Outside of the church, Angeal suddenly flies in. He explains that Hollander and Genesis are in Modeoheim and that he has not lost his pride as a SOLDIER, he is, in fact, going to speak with Lazard. With that, he flies off. As Zack goes to enter th church, a call comes in for Tseng, telling him they are to go to Modeoheim. He also tells Zack that Aeris is not in the church and Zack asks Tseng what is his relationship with her, to which Tseng replies "It's complicated".

Zack, Tseng, and two Shinra infantrymen head to Modeoheim via helicopter. Suddenly the copter is attacked by monster and crashes into the mountains, forcing the four to go on foot. Tseng and one of the soldiers are lagging, only one can keep up with Zack. He tells Zack he is from th country too- Nibelheim and introduces himself as Cloud. They go on ahead and wait for Tseng and the other soldier to catch up. Once the group is together, Zack sneaks into a Shinra facility being closely guarded. Inside, Genesis has his blade to Hollander's throat, having decided Jenova cells is what he needs and that Hollander is useless to him. Zack uses his sword to knock Genesis' sword away and Hollander attempts to escape, but it captured by Cloud. Hollander knocks Cloud away and runs, Zack tells Cloud to go after him while he and Genesis face off. Instead of facing defeat at Zack's hands, Genesis jumps onto a rail, saying "Is the monsters end? If the world threatens my life- then I shall drag the world down with me" and with that dives into the darkness below. Confused, Zack exits and finds everyone gone, so he hurries into town.

In Modeoheim's bathhouse, and on the second floor he finds an wounded Tseng and Cloud. Tseng tells Zack it was Angeal who did this to them. Zack continues deeper into he bathhouse until he finds Angeal. Angeal tells Zack that he wanted to take care of Genesis, but the next job is one suited only for Zack. Alluding that Zack is to find him, he reminds Zack that he was someone waiting for him. Hollander comes in taunting Angeal. He reveals to Angeal that HE is Angeal's father and Angeal reveals that his mother committed suicide. Hollander relates Project G Project Gillian and Angeal being a success; he is able to create clones and absorb creatures into himself. With that Angeal reminds Zack of his promise, to fight anything causing the Planet to suffer, and begins summoning creatures, which he absorbs, despite Hollander's warning hat doing so will cause him to deteriorate. Angeal Penance strikes his trident against Zack's face, leaving the cross shaped scar seen later. Zack has no choice but to defeat Angeal. As he lay dying, Angeal bequeathes to Zack his Buster Sword and remind him "If you want to be a hero, you must never lose your dreams or your pride".

Zack heads to Aeris' church. Aeris wonder aloud if the flowers would be happier under the open sky but stops when she notices Zack is sobbing. She goes to him and embraces him from behind while Zack mourns the lost of his best friend and mentor.

The scene changes to a point in the future, were Zack is giving a pep talk to the new SOLDIER recruits. He lifts theBuster Sword to his head and closes his eyes and tells the troops that they must have dream and Regardless the situation, never let go of your pride as a SOLDIER.


Did Genesis really die?

. The scene opens with Zack mystified as to why no one eve discusses Genesis or Angeal, and wondering what does it mean to be a SOLDIER, and what is the meaning of a SOLDIERs pride. In Costa del Sol, Zack and Cissnei are taking it easy, but Zack is anxious to get back to work. From Cissnei he learns that Lazard has gone missing and that it was Lazard using Shinra's money to fund Hollander's research. She also tells Zack that Aeris, whom he is about to call, is an Ancient,the last of her kind, and is being closely watched by the Turks.

Suddenly Tseng rushes on to the beach. Genesis clones are coming out of the ocean and attacking. Zack grabs the only thing he can find,and beach umbrella and uses it like a sword, defeating the clones. The clones vanish into a green mist and Tseng explains to Zack about the LifeStream. Junon, where Hollander had been taken, is under attack by Genesis clones and they are to go to Junon immediately. Zack's orders are to guard Hollander. Zack eventually finds Hollander, but must dispatch the Genesis clones getting in his way. At the airstrip, Hollander jumps over the edge, but is flown off by two Genesis clones. Tseng, Cissnei, and Sephiroth appear on the airstrip. Because of the influx of Genesis clones and stolen machinery, there is not doubt Genesis lives. Sephiroth tells Zack to go to th slums, as clones have been attacking there as well.


I may even leave Shinra

. Zack makes his way to Aeris' church, just as a Shinra robot comes to attack. Before Zack can get battle ready, the robot is taken out -- by an Angeal Copy. The clone is suffering from deterioration though. Zack suggest making a flower wagon for Aeris so that she can sell her flower in Midgar. He goes out to collect items needed to make the wagon. Outside, more robots are waiting. Zack takes care of them, and is confronted by Tseng. The robots were dispatched to destroy Genesis clones but are unable to tell the difference between the clones and SOLDIERs. Zack questions Tseng's involvement with Aeris again, but Tseng refuses to answer,saying only, how you spend your time with Aeris is none of my business and taking his leave. Having gathered all the materials, he makes Aeris' wagon but she doesn't seem to excited about it. Aeris tells Zack she has 23 wishes, that she will write down for him so he won't forget. Zack's phone rings, it's Sephiroth telling him to return to HQ immediately. Aeris hands Zack the paper and they stare at each other a moment before he leaves.

Because Lazard, cloning pods have been sighted near a reactor, not o mention SOLDIERs sent to that area have gone missing, Zack and Sephiroth are being sent to investigate. Before heading off, Zack goes to see Aeris once more. He tells her he will be leaving Midgar and doesn't know when he will return. Aeris suggests they go sell a few flowers together. Zack's rowdiness ends up scaring some potential customers away, so while Aeris is selling flowers he sneak off to speak with Tseng. He asks Tseng to take care of Aeris for him as Tseng is the only one he can ask such a think of. Zack returns to HQ

To his surprise, Cloud will be one of the infantrymen going and Cloud goes to gather up the other troops. Once everyone is gathered, Sephiroth announces they are headed to Nibelheim.


I understand, I'll come to see you

. Sephiroth is discussing his past a little. "My mother's name was Jenova, and she died when I was born. My father.." then he ends the conversation. Once in Nibelheim, they make their way to the inn, and Tifa meets them, asking Zack how many Class 1st SOLDIERs are there. After hearing his answer, she runs off. In the inn, Sephiroth gets a feeling of dejavu from Nibelheim's scenery. The nest day they head to Shinra Mansion to meet their guide --Tifa. A camera man asks for a picture of the three. At the reactor, Tifa is forced to stay outside while Sephiroth and Zack go inside. Cloud, in his uniform and helmeted, bars Tifa from entering.

Inside the pods, are monsters. They were once humans but were exposed to extreme amounts of Mako, more than normal SOLDIERs. Sephiroth questions whether he is a normal SOLDIER, ever since childhood he felt he was different than others and whether he is human. Genesis answers Sephiroth's question: "No. You were born from the Jenova project. The perfect monster". He proceeds to explain to Sephiroth what Jenova was. He then asks Sephiroth for his cells, to which Sephiroth refuses telling Genesis to go rot elsewhere. The two exit. Zack gives chase, but outside of the Reactor monsters await, and Cloud has been injured protecting Tifa. As Tifa helps Cloud back into town, Zack defends them from the monsters. In the inn, Zack stays in the room with Cloud, waiting for him to awaken. He tells Cloud that SOLDIERS are nothing but monsters, and to forget becoming one. He asks Cloud if he knows Tifa and if he is okay with not speaking to her. Cloud mentions he has never seen Zack use his sword. Which immediately reminds Zack of Angeal, since he had asked Angeal the exact same question. Zack, his spirits lifted, replies The sword is a symbol of dreams and pride, I had almost forgotten that. Thanks Cloud and does some squats before going to bed.

The nest morning Zack meets Tifa in the lobby and she tells him Sephiroth has gone to Shinra Mansion. Outside, Zack gets a call from Aeris. He tells Aeris that he'll come see her, that it's a promise, and she replies I'll be waiting. Zack hangs up and heads to Shinra Mansion. In the basement, Zack finds Sephiroth reading feverishly. He asks Zack to let him be alone.

Seven days later, Zack awakes to the village on fire, Cloud has been hurt and in the flames he sees Sephiroth turning and heading for the Reactor. Inside the Reactor, Zack finds an injured Tifa, but she turns away from him declaring Shinra, SOLDIER, I hate them all. Zack tells her it's okay if she won't forgive him, but he will set things right. He goes against Sephiroth but is defeated, Sephiroth knocking him out of the room, down the stairs, the Buster Sword landing away from him. cloud comes in, sees Tifa and Zack and goes in After Sephiroth with Zack's Buster Sword. He manages to impale Sephiroth, in his reverie seeing Jenova. Cloud returns to cradle Tifa. Sephiroth comes out, annoyed that someone like Cloud could injure him. Zack yells to Cloud to finish Sephiroth. Charging Sephiroth with the Buster Sword, he misses this time and is impaled by Sephiroth's Masamune. But in his anger, Cloud lift the sword, shocking Sephiroth and causing him to tighten his grip. Cloud then, using the sword as a lever, knocks Sephiroth down in to the Lifestream below. He comes out and succumbs to his injury, skidding face first down the stairs and face to to face with Zack, who tells him he did a good job. the three pass out.


We are heroes

. Zack and Cloud have been taken by Hojo and used in his experimentations. In a holding tank, Zack envisions Angeal telling him I have no use for such a pathetic SOLDIER. This awakens Zack and when a lab tech comes to feed him, he breaks free, punching the technician out and freeing Cloud. Upstairs in the Shinra Mansion, he dresses Cloud in a SOLDIER: Class 1st uniform and heads out. He remembers Aeris and retrieves from his uniform pocket the list she gave him. She only wrote down one wish- to be able to be with Zack more often. Zack is determined to make it to Midgar now. Cloud however, suffers from Mako poisoning and is unresponsive, so Zack carries him. Zack beats the Shinra troops and gets out of Nibelheim with Cloud. He later is confronted by Cissnei. At first she attacks Zack, but seems to make up her mind. She makes a call and reports she has found no one. She also gives Zack the keys to a new Shinra bike.

One the road, with Cloud in the passenger car of the bike, Genesis Clones and the real Genesis attacks. One of the clones yanks out some of Zack's hair and eats it. Genesis is still looking for Jnova cells to halt his deterioration. The clone that ate Zack's hair thrashes, as if in pain, and transforms into a monster. Seeing Zack's cells will be on no use, the real Genesis takes off.

Continuing to Midgar, Zack makes his way to his hometown of Gongaga. Zack debates whether it is safe to go see his parents when Cissnei. She advises him not to, as his house is under surveillance. She warns Zack to be careful and also tells him Angeal was seen in the village. Cissnei tells Zack she'll give him 10 minutes to leave before she returns to her duty as a Turk. Zack inquires about his mother, to which Cissnei says she is worried about him and thinks with all the mess he;s gotten himself into he;ll never find a wife. Zack leaves, asking Cissnei to talk to his mother for him, to which she agrees.

In the distance, Zack catches a flash of white, and thinking it is Angeal runs up to the mountain top. He is confronted by a deteriorating Hollander and Genesis, along with some Genesis clones. Knowing that Genesis was out to kill him, Hollander had no choice but to become a clone, so he too is desperate to find Jenova cells. Genesis recalls that another person escaped with Zack, to which Zack refuses, but Hollander is already headed to where Cloud is and Genesis recites the last lines of Loveless and flies off. Zack rushes back to Cloud to find him surrounded, when out of no where what appears to be Angeal, knocks the clones away from Cloud. Zack then fights Hollander, defeating him. After the battle, it is revealed that Angeal is actually Lazard, now a Angeal clone, who wants to correct his wrongs of living solely to get revenge on Shinra. He now only wants to help save Genesis and Zack, to help save the very world.



. The trio head to Banora. Zack asks Lazard to watch over Cloud while he goes underground to face Genesis. After acquiring the seven Seven Gifts of the Goddess, he is able to access the room where Genesis awaits. To Genesis the final act of Loveless can be played out. Zack has inherited from Angeal the Buster Sword and from Sephiroth, cells of Jenova. He uses the Goddess Materia to transform into Genesis Avatar. After defeating Genesis, all signs of his deterioration disappear. Zack carries Genesis back into the village, under the Banora tree where Lazard and Cloud awake. Lazard tells Zack that Shinra attacked but he along with the Angeal clone that was left to guard Aeris, fended them off. Both the Angeal clone and Lazard are very weak and near death. The clone and Lazard die. Frustrated, Zack decides to hand out Banora apples to everyone, and asks everyone to eat together. Genesis awakes and ask Zack "Is it good?". Genesis' wish to have Sephiroth eat one of his apples has been fulfilled in Genesis' eyes. Genesis sleeps, and Lazard and the final Angeal clone return to the LifeStream. Where the clone had lain was a letter. From Aeris. Zack learns that four years had passed. Aeris writes she has written him 89 letter and will write no more. He implores Aeris to wait for him, gathers up Cloud, he tells Genesis to stay alive, and leaves. Unknown SOLDIERS come and take Genesis away.

Zack manages to hitch a ride on the back of a pickup. He discusses his future plans to return to Midgar and become a jack of all trades. He assures Cloud that he won't abandon him. In the sky, Reno and Rude have orders to find Zack and Cloud. Cissnei is also searching. It is revealed that Tseng has 88 letters he wants to deliver to Zack. With a roadblock ahead, Zack and Cloud get out of the truck. Zack tucks Cloud safely away behind some rocks and goes off to face Shinra troops alone. Unbeknown to Zack, Cloud is beginning to come to and reaches out to Zack's retreating silhouette.

Zack battles, and manages to take out all the troops, but is wounded and weak and his DMW begins to fail. The last images he has are memories of Aeris and her telling him I'll be waiting. Once Zack falls for the final time, His body is riddled with bullets and he and Cloud are left for dead. It is raining and Cloud manages to drag his body over to the dying Zack. Zack tell Cloud to Live, emphasizing the meaning by pressing Clouds head to his ruined bloody chest. Zack tells Cloud that he Is his the evidence he lived... and gives all of his dreams and pride to Cloud. He thrust the hilt of the Buster Sword into Cloud's hands and dies. Cloud screams. The rain stops and the clouds open, revealing a brilliant blue sky. Cloud remembers Zack's words to embrace his dreams. Cloud thanks Zack, telling him he won't forget. Dragging the Buster Sword behind him, he turns one final time Good night, Zack.

Angeal flies down to take Zack away, Zack opens his eyes, reveling in the feeling and takes Angeal's hand. A lone feather blows overhead of Cloud, Zack's voice is heard asking Cloud to take care of Aeris should he meet her. The feather the blows low to the ground where Zack had lain. I became a hero, didn't I and the feather blows high into the air.